Saturday 19 June 2010

Out visiting

I've been to see GaryCat. Me and him are like that we are. Best of friends with a healthy respect. It was good to be back at that Beth and Ed's house. This is me taking turn at watching out for intruder cats to give GaryCat a break. It's important to disguise yourself with a curtain when you do that. I know from many years of experience.
We went out for a ride in the countryside and who should be in a field with a load of men all dressed up in white stuff but Ed. I don't know what they were supposed to be doing but he did a lot of running up and down to some sticks. Didn't look like much fun to me and I'm glad the she boss took me off to explore for a while instead of hanging around in the cold watching that.
I'd like the GaryCat to come and see where I live sometime and take a turn at my house at keeping watch.
By the way, my tummy's OK now. Thank you for asking
When we got home, I had a nice surprise cos Sammy had come to see us with his mate JimmyJames. They took the he boss on my field to kick the ball around. I don't like these games where the balls go everywhere. They hurt when they hit me so I just keep out of the way.
By the way, my tummy's OK now. Thank you for asking.

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