Friday 4 June 2010

Brilliant holiday

It was a holiday and the he boss left the Chinese man at home. It was brilliant. We went to a nice little house (not flappy) out in the fields with lots of birds to watch. These are some baby ones we saw. Sorry they're not very clear but it was getting a bit dark. You can see all the little yellow beaks though calling out for their dinner.
We did a lot of chilling in our little garden and I enjoyed watching the chickens and geese over the other side of the field while the he boss went off on his bike and the she boss read her books and made woolly things.
We had some rainy days but that was OK and we managed to go to the seaside too to have our ice creams and watch the boats go by. I didn't get to have any good runs around on the beaches though cos there were lots of people and a lot of the time there were pictures saying I couldn't go down there. I would have been really good and not caused any trouble to any one and the she boss has always got a rustly bag in her pocket in case I get caught short.

The people who lived in the house next to us were very nice and liked me. They had a big dog called Purdy who'd hurt his leg. I wasn't too sure whether to be friends as it was his place really and he was big. There was a cat that the she boss liked but I found too scary. He was a bit too friendly for my liking and kept coming up to me even when I tried to hide. It doesn't seem right for a cat to be that bold and I didn't know what to do.
I hope we go back there sometime for another chilling.


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