Thursday 22 July 2010

Yearly check up

I've been to see my doctor tonight for my yearly MD.O.T. He said I'm in fine feckle and distinctly said he was impressed with my physique. He gave all the credit to the she boss but doesn't he think I do anything to help?! I do a lot of running about after squirrels and meeces and postmen. I suppose the she boss does do her bit in that she does her best to stop me eating any between meals things but I'm pretty good at sneaking them in.
The she boss tried to tell him I should be acting like a grown up at 10 and a half but he agreed with me - as long as I'm as lean as me, I won't show my age. The he boss does his best too and follows me as his role model. He's doing pretty well too for his age his doctor told him. He worries more than me though that there just might be something they've missed. Me, I just get on with life.

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