Saturday 3 July 2010


I'm very tired today. Yesterday was extremely upsetting and I now feel emotionally exhausted. TheFriendPeter came to see me the night before and lived here all night which was real nice. It all got spoilt when he and the she boss packed everything up and went off in the car early. I thought it was going to be one of my flappy house holidays but without me as they took lots of that stuff with them but not me!
That really upset me for starters then while I was looking after the house on my own later, the men who wash and wipe all our windows came. I don't like them anyway. The noises they make frighten me especially when they wipe the windows with all the pretty colours in that make even more noise. I got so scared, I pulled up the prickly mat by the door and it looks like I might have wrecked it real bad cos it's been put outside in the big bucket with the lid. The he boss wasn't happy when he came home and saw it.
I'm glad to say that the she boss and FriendPeter came back later and didn't stay away in any flappy house without me. That was a relief.
Today when I was hoping for a peaceful day, the he boss started pushing the noisy sucky thing around. I'd had enough so I took myself down the end of the garden for a lie down. I think I got the she boss a bit worried cos she came looking for me after I'd been there for hours. I'm worried now that it took her that long to miss me. She must have felt sorry for me cos she picked me up to give me a cuddle and take me back.
Today's really sunny yet again but it's windy too so all our doors keep banging and making me jump. I think they understand I'm stressed but it's not nice. I hope something nice happens to me soon.

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