Saturday 10 July 2010

Short break

We only went for 2 nights but it was lovely. This is me nice and chilled while the she boss enjoys the view over the wall from our flappy house. I wasn't allowed to look cos there were silly sheep everywhere and I might get ideas about climbing over. As if I didn't know without looking. I could hear them munching the grass.
We've had a fab time with some nice walks along rivers where I could go and cool my pads off. I don't know what was best about it all - the fresh windy air, watching the people and sheep, walking, lazing, cuddling up to the she boss in the mornings. I'm hard pushed to decide. The she boss said I was very very well behaved and she'll take me somewhere again before it goes cold and dark with little days.
We're getting very good at getting everything set up and taken down and I know it all now like the back of my paw though I'm not sure which one. This is me giving some instructions as it was quite windy and the she boss needed some help.
It was nice to get back and see the he boss again to tell him all about it.
Now we're back I keep following the she boss around trying to tell her how grateful I am that she took me on holiday with her. I think she understands and she hasn't told me off for following her everywhere yet even though I'm not really supposed to go in her bedroom. I just want to keep on being with her all the time for ever. I do love my he and she boss.

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