Friday 30 July 2010

A short home from home

I've just been away on holiday I think with the he and she boss. I'm not sure cos it wasn't like our usual place and it smelled like Aunty Linda lived there although she was out for all the time we were there. I hope she knew we were living there for three nights. It was very posh with some nice walks as you can see.
This is me exploring round a little bit just checking if Aunty Linda was hiding somewhere really. S
She kindly left me lots of fruit in the garden to eat within reach of me. She must know how much I like raspberries. The plums I found on the ground were a bit sour though.
We had one really good long walk when we went to have a look at Rodney's pillar. It was very big and a long way up. We thought it might rain but it didn't. We tried to see the house from there but couldn't manage it. Not that I cared really.

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