Tuesday 21 December 2010

Cat and chips

The she boss has had me really worried today. I wondered what was going on when we went for a walk on my field and she took a dustbin bag with her. I thought she was expecting me to do enormous poos. Instead, would you believe, she collected that dead moggy I told you about that we found a couple of days ago. She said something about chips. Cat and chips?! If that was what was on the menu, I could see I was going to come in for a heck of a lot of leftovers and even I couldn't stoop to that. I don't know about a hundred and one uses, right at that moment I couldn't think of even one good use for a dead cat.
We brought it home with us and she left it in the garage. I heard her talking something about getting a a turkey to put in there as well. I kept out of the way under the table while I waited to see what would happen. Later on, the she boss went out on the snow in the car and took the cat with her and I'm very relieved to say that she didn't come back with it. Or a turkey for that matter either. At least we won't be having moggy with our chips tonight. I can breathe again now for the moment at least.

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