Sunday 12 December 2010

So popular

What a lovely day. All it needs to round it off is a good walk over my favourite hills but it's dark now.
There have been lots of friends round our house today. There were old friends like friendPeter, Patrick, t'other Patrick n Marj and quite a few new ones who really liked me especially someone called Ben who friendPeter brought. I didn't know he'd got friends other than me cos I never see any. I'm glad he has cos he's a long way away and the she boss doesn't take me to see him very often and he hasn't been here in a while.
When lots of little people started coming, I put my coat on and waited in the car until they went again. That was OK cos they left lots of tasty things on the floor for me to eat and there were still some people to play with me in the house.
It's all quiet now but I think there are some pretty good leftovers waiting for me to have. Can a MillieDog's day get much better than that?

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