Saturday 11 December 2010

Strange things

The she boss does the strangest things. Today she brought a whole tree into the house! I must admit it's quite a small one by any standard but it is still a tree. She had to put it on a table otherwise we'd have fallen over it. Mind you, she's put a load of lights on it so we would have seen it if she had left it on the floor somewhere.
Then she cut up and folded lots of bits of paper and put those on it. The best bit is the noisy stuff she made in the kitchen and tied together to go on the tree. It smells nice and definitely tastes real good. I know cos she kept dropping bits while she was putting the string through it.
She's put some bows on as well to help hold it everything together. I think the little people at the bottom are to keep guard in case I feel like eating anything off the tree. I must say it looks very pretty and I think she's done a good job even if it is a bit of a strange thing to do.  I vaguely remember her doing something strange like this before. 

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