Monday 18 April 2011


We've had lots of comings and goings including buzzy things and little people. Samz and Abz have passed through showing off some new rings on their fingers. That Beth has been, gone, come back and I think is going again. I don't think she can make her mind up. Aunty Joy and Uncle Ted have been to see me with another lady and a little person. I didn't get chance to find out for myself if I liked them as the she boss made up her mind that I wouldn't and shut me out of the way.
A buzzy thing came in our sun lounge just when I was by the back door waiting to go in. The she boss was outside getting all the clothes off the twirly cobweb thing so didn't know I was stuck. I was scared. I couldn't get in the house and I didn't dare go past the buzzy thing. I was hostage in my own bed! When the she boss came through, she understood (again) and sent it away. What would I do without her to look after me

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