Saturday 9 April 2011

Summer days

It looks like it's summer - the sun is shining hotly and the days are big. The she boss doesn't seem to be going off in the car every day any more which is nice for company for me. I had one walk that should have been really good but there were big bangs going on so I'd have been quite happy waiting in the car. My field is getting busy now and there seem to be lots of little people on there a lot so that isn't much good for my walks there. A middlingly little person was climbing a tree by my field gate. It scared me so I hid in the house. The he boss came to my rescue and told him to get back down his own end.
It's all been happening cos yesterday a plane with no wings was blimping over my house. How does it do that then? Doesn't it need the wings to fly like birds do?
They both took me in the car all up the big road last night and I thought maybe we were going to theFriendPeter's. We didn't get that far but we found him anyway. We took him for a drive in our car then we stopped in the dark and all looked at his phone for a while. I'm not sure what was going on but apart from not exploring anywhere, there were some nice smells for me. It was a funny howdyado if you ask me.
This sunny weather makes the he and she boss do some different things and they've been in the garden a lot with me. Today, the she boss has been polishing all the windows. It means I can see down the road better but she wasn't too happy about my wet nose. I told here that can see better if I get closer.
 I think she's finished now so we can all have a rest

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