Saturday 30 April 2011

Parties and weddings

 There's been another wedding. We didn't know them this time but the he and she boss watched a lot of it on the picture box. For some reason we had a party for everyone in our road in my garden even though we didn't know the people getting married or a lot of the people who came to my garden. There were lots more than on this picture. I went in the car cos I find it all a bit much but I came in later when it quietened down.

One of the nice ladies liked taking pictures and like me so liked taking pictures of me. This is one she sent me but it doesn't really do me any favours cos I don't look very happy there. I was really. There was lots of food left on the floor for me to find.
No one wanted to go home and stayed very late. I think all the stuff that the she boss puts into bottles sometimes had something to do with it.
I helped tidy up today and put all the flags away

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