Thursday 20 September 2007

Boys and little people

Back on 24th August I said I'd explain some more about me and boys and little people. Well, I used to live with another family for a little while before I came here although I was still only 6 months when the he and she boss chose me. :D Where I used to live, there were 2 children. The little girl was kind to me but her big brother was nasty and used to hit me when no one was looking. I learned to watch out for him coming and stopped trying to be nice to him. Instead, because I was scared of what he was going to do, I would growl at him and snap to warn him away.
Then I came here The trouble is, old habits die hard and I still tend to think that I'm going to get hurt when little people are around so I usually warn them to keep away. When I first came here to live, I was always on the look out and the he and she boss had to keep me very safe. I don't mind little people quite so much now but tend to just take myself out of the way. I think I'm very brave really

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