Sunday 23 September 2007


This really is a crazy house I live in. Just when I think we've got some sort of routine her, it all gets blown away by something.
Today is Sunday which makes it Thursday when things all happened different. I thought everyone was going off to work. The he boss didn't but then he doesn't always. What was different was that he went out and came back in a completely different car that I've never seen before. Then at lunch time the she boss came home! She never does that when she goes to work. Not long after that, the friend Peter came. On a Thursday! Then everyone went out. I didn't see friend Peter again but the she boss came back VERY late - everyone else was in bed ages. Oh and Beth had arrived somewhere in the meantime.
Would you believe it, the she boss didn't go upstairs to bed. Instead, she slept on the camping bed downstairs. That was nice of her to keep me company. I did try sleeping by her but it gets too hot and anyway, I like my own bed better.
The he boss and Beth were up and out early on Friday and I didn't see them until really late at night, again when everyone else had gone to bed.
The she boss did all that stuff around the floors with that noisy, sucky thing on Friday instead of Saturday and then cleared off on Saturday as though she was going to work. The he boss went out to work as well on Saturday! Just what is going on?
One other thing that happened was that a new man came to see us on Friday and did some stuff to the big box on the wall by the outside door. I don't know what he did, but when he'd gone it had stopped dripping water everywhere and the house got warm again but I don't know how the 2 could be connected. Perhaps it's magic.
Today is Sunday and I think we're back to normal but you never know

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