Monday 10 September 2007

Exciting things

What I said last time about taking it all back I take back again. Does that make sense? I was fed up with this lot here as they'd left me on my own at home all day for 2 days but after all that, they took me on holiday AGAIN!
We went to where Buzz used to live (see end of 6th Aug holiday blog). They've got a new dog to keep Bob company. His name is Max and he's not bad. He needs keeping in order a bit though by a more mature dog like me. We had some pretty good fun together once he'd got used to me being in his house. I don't think I'd be keen to have another dog come in my house so well done to him.

There's some really good walking from where we stay and I took Max for a walk one of the days with the she boss. I was careful to make sure he didn't take any liberties thinking he could get too close to my she boss though. There was a stile we couldn't get over without her help and I did let her pick him up.
We went to some nice places and especially to some pretty interesting gardens with very friendly people who all liked me. I made friends with a little robin at one place. He came right up to my nose!!

When we came home, Beth was here waiting for us which was exciting. She keeps turning up unexpectedly. Does she live here or not?
I wonder when my next holiday is?

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