Tuesday 25 September 2007

Yet more craziness

Just when I said we were back to normal, it all went to pot last night and what a night! First of all it was one of those nights when the she boss gets up again and she was downstairs for ages reading and drinking tea. She eventually went to bed and all was peace. For a little while.
We've got this man who comes nearly every night somewhere in the middle and puts bottles of milk outside the door. He often makes me jump so I do what all good guard dogs should do when woken and leap for the door to bark at him. Other nights, I hear him coming so just give a little bark to let him know I'm still there. Last night I heard him coming but he didn't drive off again. There was all this banging going on which was a bit scary then I heard the she boss call something out of the bedroom window to the man.
Next thing I know, she's down and opening the door for him to come in! She said something about half past four and even I know that's sleeping time. It was pouring with rain and very windy so I wondered if she just felt sorry for him but he used our phone then went out again.
We heard all the banging again but this time there was a big crash after the last bang. Then he drove off like he always does! I don't know what all that fuss was about but I hope he doesn't do that every night. I heard the she boss awake for ages again then after that. She must be tired; I know I was but at least I can go back to sleep in the day when they let me.

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