Wednesday 14 May 2008


They all went out and left me tonight. They came back smelling like they'd had something nice to eat. Shame they didn't take me. Do you know what I eat every day? Look at it; how boring can you get? ........

Then by contrast, have you seen what these guys get to eat? I saw the she boss looking at it on here. They didn't invite me.

Mind you, I had a look at the paper when they all went out. There were some interesting things in there today. The paper people were telling whoever reads it to stop putting out bread for the birds because it doesn't do anything for them. They're saying they need cake instead. That suits me. The she boss puts nuts out for ours and they're right messy eaters - far worse than me - and always drop some so if she starts giving them cake instead and they drop that ........
The other thing I saw was about someone getting in trouble for knitting. Something to do with making the right copies.
What they need to know is that the she boss got in there first and made a knitted copy of me a long time ago. Pity she got the colour wrong

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