Monday 5 May 2008

Dirty dogs

EVERYONE was having a holiday today. We saw them all when we went out. Something to do with the banks being closed. I took the he and she boss for a nice walk somewhere new and we ended up at a house called Haden Hill. I waited very patiently outside for the he and she boss and attracted a lot of attention for sitting so nicely.
I heard that people with dogs don't get ill so much with nasty infections and allergies. I thought that sounded good until I heard the next bit which was something about dogs being dirty and so it's because people are used to the dirt!! What a thing to say about us dogs. I'm not dirty. I get bathed at least once a year, any mud falls off me once it's dry, I have a good roll on the carpet or grass regularly to give my coat a rub. What more can anyone want? Just because sometimes the grass is a bit smelly where I roll and no one else seems to like the smell. Bit like beauty in the eye of the beholder, smells are in the nose of the smeller.

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