Sunday 25 May 2008


I'm glad blobby Bobbie had a good holiday. At least she had one. I was right about the she boss going on holiday. The bad news is, she didn't take me. I can't believe she could leave me behind. I tried to go but I picked the wrong car door to sneak in. I should have realised she would notice I was sitting on the pedals! :s I was really pleased to see her back tonight though.
I've had a bit of an adventure while she was away. I managed to catch one of those big black birds in the garden. One of them was shouting at me in the park the other day, so I thought I'd get them back. I didn't do too much but he seemed to be having trouble flying afterwards. When the he boss went out in the garden afterwards, there were a load of them all flying down over him. Scary. All my fault.

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