Saturday 10 May 2008

Ramblings - of mind and body

This weather is fab. The she boss took the picture of me chilling. The only thing is, when it gets really warm, they won't let me run much off the lead when we go out for a walk because I just can't resist chasing those pesky squirrels and I must admit, I get very hot.
I did get a great walk yesterday though and it wasn't TOO hot. We went for miles and I think the she boss got pretty tired. I know my feet were sore never mind hers. Can you see them in the picture?
We had company on the walk. We took Ian and Janet who I have met before so they're good friends and another she person as well who I didn't know. I heard her say she didn't like me to start with but then decided I was better behaved than her children so I wasn't so bad! I could have told her that to start with! We lost her and Janet!! That scuppered the walk for a while. I think they'll keep up with us next time. Leo joined us half way through for a while with his he boss. We got on OK this time as he wasn't in my face so much.
Remember the Belgian Shepherd dog I got mistaken for (15th April)? Well, I saw one today and they're about 3 times the size of me! I know I look younger than my years but I don't think I look like a puppy to be one of them. Behave like one maybe according to my bosses. They're fine ones to talk though.
I spent a fair bit of time this afternoon waiting down my garden for the squirrel to come out that keeps daring to come near the house. Just when I was enjoying the peace and quiet, the sky made that horrible rumbly noise. I was scared and ran pretty quick to hide in my favourite corner. It seems safe enough now.
I believe my friend blobby Bobby has gone on holiday (of sorts). Her bosses have gone to the seaside and have taken her to stay with some other people in the city for a week. I'm sure they're very nice but it sounds like the short straw to me. I hope I get a holiday soon

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