Tuesday 12 August 2008


I think I've just been on holiday. I can't be sure because it's not like any I've had before. The rain didn't help. Fancy going in the flappy house when it's raining. It was pretty depressing as you can see.

I was told I compared to Eeyore. I've always found him quite lovable if miserable so I wasn't too offended.
We didn't manage ANY walks even though we were back where we were for our real holiday. That Beth and Edward joined us later and I don't think they were impressed either even the next day when it had nearly stopped. Maybe something to do with the mud.
They left me in the car for quite a while in the evening right up till very late. I thought it would be good for a rest but there was a lot of very loud music so I couldn't get to sleep. They'd all dressed up really peculiar. I glad I wasn't seen with them looking like that. The she boss had a really fancy white dress on in all the rain and mud.
It wasn't all bad because we went to the beach the next morning and had a bit of a run round although the sea had taken over most of it and there wasn't a lot of space. It was nice to have a play though.

Just when it was all looking good, we went home but we left the she boss behind!! That was really sad and I was a bit worried until she turned up back at home really late after everyone had gone to bed the next day. That Beth, Ed and Sammy seem to have disappeared now though. What a strange way to go on. Now we've got the flappy houses getting in the way in the garden but no one's on holiday in them. Yet.

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