Friday 8 August 2008

He's back!

Yay! The he boss came back tonight. Boy, was I pleased to see him. Especially as it had been a chaotic day here. Ed came and took that Beth away. See what I mean, I never know if she lives here or not. It was one of those strange days here that happen now and again. That Beth kept taking out things that were hiding in paper and getting very excited. I was excited because I like all that paper and she was kind enough to feed me some of it. I can't see what was so good about the things inside though. Ed managed to sneak into the garden with one of those fast things that go on two wheels that the she boss took me to the park with once. I hope that Beth doesn't get those sort of ideas. It wasn't much fun for me.
It was nice and quiet once everyone had gone and the fuss had died down. I went for a good walk with the she boss but I must admit to feeling abit nervous about going too far away from her after everything that's been happening. I suppose I've been a bit of a baby following her round everywhere. I do like it when she talks to me though. You'd be surprised what I learn about life

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