Wednesday 27 August 2008

Strange day out

Me and the she boss have been out all day today. She'd planned surprises for me. The first one wasn't too good. We went in one of those big cars which you share with lots of other people. I don't like those but it wasn't for too long. I just curled up under the seat which made me feel safest. We walked through some shops where I attracted alot of attention and then we got to Sutton Park!! That was the first surprise cos I've only ever gone in our car or occasionally walked there.
We didn't go very far before the she boss sat down to read the paper. I was most disappointed as that seemed to be it but then my friend Janet arrived in her car. I haven't seen her for ages (last time was with Leo) and they both took me for a good walk with lots of mud. We went for lunch as well where there were lots of dogs with bosses.
Janet went off in her car and we just carried on walking back through all the shops but then landed up at Aunty Joy's house! Another surprise. I've never been in there before and her and Uncle Ted seemed pleased to see me. There was another lady there too and all us ladies went off for more walking. The others left us after a bit but me and the she boss just carried right on and ended up back at home just in time for tea. What a lovely day.
I'd like to know when the sun's going to shine again though. It's stopped raining for a few days now but there's no sign of any sun.

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