Saturday 6 September 2008

Reflections on friends

I've been thinking and I've decided I've got three, no four types of friends. The fourth one I've just thought of are those I only ever see when we go on walks together. So friends like Paul with Leo and Janet. Another type of friend is those who come to our house and say a really good 'hello' then are busy doing things. People like Bob who used to spend ages in our garden. Where did he get to? I haven't seen him in ages. And another Paul who's come today and seems to be spending all his time in the bathroom using lots of noisy things.
The third type are those who come and see me and spend the whole time sitting talking or wander round the garden and things like that. I like them. They're usually people who spend alot of time talking to me to. But not always. Just sometimes people come who I don't think like me very much. We had some nice friends come and eat here yesterday. They really liked me and I really liked them and they were here for ages talking, eating and looking at those stones the he boss keeps bringing home in a different shape every time. The one I like best is the one in the garden with the water coming out of his head form me to drink.
The last type are the ones who come here and then go again, usually taking someone from my family with them and very occasionally me as well. Aunty Linda does that although she never takes me with her.
People like the friend Peter fit in two types like the last two - sometimes they come and go and sometimes they stay. The friend Peter sometimes messes about doing things too like on the computer or taking lots of pictures around. Very occasionally I have a walk with him there too.
I'm not sure where little person Sara fits. Perhaps there's a little person group all of their own.
I like having all these friends. I wonder if, when it's my special birthday, like 10, I'll have a party like the she boss when all these types of friends all come at once. That would be very exciting. Especially if they all brought me lots of paper. And sometimes a nice surprise in the paper. But mostly paper.

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