Thursday 4 September 2008

Different sort of mountains

A man came today with a big truck and made a mountain on our front drive. Good job the he boss had moved his car. He wouldn't have been happy. I had the feeling he'd been expecting it but didn't expect it to be quite that big. Shame the she boss wasn't there cos then you'd have had a photo. The he boss spent hours then moving all the mountain to the back garden. It was all very exciting and I couldn't wait until the she boss came home to tell her all about it. I went mad telling her when she came. Then she helped move some of it too and everywhere looks back to normal already. I'm impressed. Luckily it didn't rain all the time the he boss was outside for a change. The she boss took me for a walk (to get some chocolate really) tonight and we got soaked. Again. All this rain isn't funny any more.

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