Wednesday 17 September 2008

Rings and things

We've caught up on our sleep at last. You wouldn't believe that Beth. Sammy went out in the middle of the night which he does occasionally but then he brought that Beth and Edward back with him with loads of stuff! They seemed very excited. I noticed pretty quick that she'd got a new ring and I think that was what the excitement was about. I think Ed gave it to her. I was more interested in the other stuff they brought - chocolate and things but no one let me have anything. They stayed for about an hour then cleared off again with it all in her little car. At least that makes it easier for me to get in a car now hers has gone off the drive. It's been a real squeeze.
The he boss has been making a lot of noise down the end of the garden lately - tap tap tapping and it seems he was making something for that Beth and Edward. They were very excited about this too. I don't understand the point of it. It's not like the other thing he made once that puts water out of for me to drink. Much more use.

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