Sunday 14 September 2008


I've had a weekend of 2 days of trouble. Yesterday, me and the she boss went for a brilliant walk in the park because it was sunny!!!! I always go off and do my own thing because I know how fast (or slow) she walks and can guess where we'll meet up again. Only this time she'd stopped. Something to do with crabby apples off a tree. I didn't know that was why we'd gone there. I thought we'd just gone so I could chase some rabbits. I lost her for a long time and kept running backwards and forwards on the path waiting for her. I didn't want to got too far back in case she'd really gone a completely different way and I didn't know she's stopped way back and was shouting me. She came looking for me in the end cos a nice guy said he'd seen me running around looking for her. I had a good rest under the tree then while she shook the apples down for me to eat to make up for it. It just goes to show you can't trust these people to do what you expect.
Today was a different kind of trouble and I was in it. I'd seen a squirrel in our garden taking liberties so I went to give him what for. Only he wasn't having any of it. He just sat in the tree looking at me. What a nerve. I think they got a bit fed up of me shouting at it so the she boss came out with my lead. I thought we were going for another walk but instead of that, she walked me into the house and locked me in!! I was furious, especially as the she and he boss were out in the garden doing some stuff to plants. Eventually I calmed down enough not to be trying to get out of the window and the she boss let me back out. It was too late then though and that squirrel had gone. Till another day. I'll get him back sometime.
A strange thing happened tonight after all that. I heard Sammy's voice coming out of the radio talking to his mate and someone else! And it's not the first time it's happened. I wonder how they got in there? I know he goes in the computer, but I'm used to that one

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