Saturday, 27 September 2008

Fun Saturdays

I like Saturdays. I'm not sure that the he and she boss do. They seem very busy but I like it cos they're there and they do stuff that makes me laugh and is good for games. I do get told off sometimes though; especially when I attack the noisy thing in the garden that they push round.
Last night was exciting too. The she boss came home very late. She'd been somewhere for ages with my friend Peter. It was one of those times I thought he'd come to see me but then went off. He wasn't here long when they came back either but then Sammy came home and I went up with them to talk. THEN that Beth came home even later. She seems to be living here again. I wonder how long for. She had a friend come round today but the squirrel in the garden was more interesting
While I'm here, take a look at this and no, I'm not going with him next time: I'm just a bit puzzled how it all works and why the setting the jets off while he was still in that little plane

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