Thursday 5 March 2009


Still coughing but trying hard not to cos I heard the she boss say something about vets. I let her have a look down my throat but she said she couldn't see anything and I heard her saying that the vet might want to send me to sleep so he could have a better look! Is that the same as 'put me to sleep'? I'm not THAT bad. I've really got to try and stop so nothing really bad happens to me. I'd miss everyone too much. I don't think I'm coughing as often as I was. I didn't wake anyone up last night anyway.
The he boss didn't believe I was coughing. He thought I was just doing a good impersonation of that nice smelling bread making thing like the starling birds copying the phone noises


Anonymous said...

Hey Millie, guess what......? We have a new addition to our family... he has 4 legs, a long tail and gorgeous brown eyes. His name is Toby and he's a rescue greyhound. He is white with black patches over his eyes and rump. He's been with another family for 2 years, but had to be returned to the rescue kennels coz someone was poorly..... he needs a bit more feeding up, but is very sociable. Ask your she boss to let me have her email address so I can send you some photos!
Hope your cough is better, Marie.

theMillieDog said...

Hello Marie. That could be an interesting walk when my she boss gets round to it. She'd too busy for my liking but I did go a long way today with the he and she boss