Sunday 1 August 2010

Holiday home

Well that was a different couple of days. This time we've had theFriendPeter living at our house for some nights. I think he came for a holiday. I suppose it makes sense seeing as we've just been to Aunty Linda's house for a holiday that people could go to anyone's house for a holiday if they let them. Or even if they didn't sometimes maybe. In fact, that could save a lot of money if everyone just moved into someone else's house for a week every year for their holiday all in the same week. As long as it didn't end up with just moving next door. The she boss says there is an industrial fortnight when everyone goes on holiday so everyone could do it in that time. I think I might write to Mr's Cameron and Clegg with my idea. It's about time I started thinking politically again.
Anyway, it was nice having theFriendPeter here even if he did come home VERY late at night but he did take me a walk down the garden when he came back. No mice seemed to have kept him awake in the bedroom judging by how long he seemed to sleep.
The he and she boss spent ages cleaning and scrubbing out all the garage for me so I can see where the mice go. In fact they were left with nowhere much to go. I wonder what they'll do now? It smells nice in there now, or as nice as a garage can I suppose.

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