Friday, 20 August 2010

Extra flappy

This was the view from our flappy house this week. It was a nice view but VERY flappy at times. It's a good job that the she boss has had lots of practice at putting it up safely. It was even very flappy while she was putting it up. It was a nice view and nice people but too many lorries whizzing up the road too near. We've already found where we're going to go next time. There'll be LOADS of really nice walks for us there.
It was nice to be just the 2 of us cos there seem to be lots of people coming and going at my house lately although theFriendPeter came to see me and take me a ride in his car while we were there. I don't like his as much as mine and the she boss's but it was OK for a little while. I don't know how he finds us in our flappy house.
And no sign of any mice when we came home :-)

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