Sunday, 8 August 2010

All ruined

I was going to write about the fantastic weekend I've had. That Beth and Sammy came here to live again. They keep coming back but I don't mind. This time was one of those with lots of things in paper and that's always good fun. They've eaten LOADS of cake as well. They haven't given me any but I got some good leftovers from the dinner to go with the paper. That Beth got one of the cakes from someone who I sort of remember called Tessa. If you look at her pictures, it was the one with all the strawberries. I like strawberries but I like raspberries best, especially ones off Aunty Linda's bushes in her holiday garden.
This all sounds great doesn't it and it was until they all left again and the he and she boss took me for a walk. Couldn't they hear that the sky was making noises? I know it wasn't loud and right on top of us but it was out there somewhere. I didn't really want to go then, when we were walking, I definitely heard some somewhere so I tried to go back to the car. Only trouble was, the he and she boss just kept going without me and I forgot where it was. Some kind people saw me being very scared under the bridge and told them about me. I was glad to get home again and don't want to go out anywhere again in a hurry.
Me and the she boss did take another little meece for a ride in the car tonight. I did try and catch him when she let him out of the box but the she boss wouldn't let me. She didn't want him back for some reason.

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