Monday, 30 August 2010

Holiday home

I've cottoned at last that our house is other people's holiday home. Not the flappy kind but a real house one like we go on holiday to sometimes. It must be to do with my nice garden and field and what a good welcome I give everyone.
That Beth and Sam with Ed and Abimaro come for holidays pretty often and we've just had the friendPeter living here for days and days. I think he must have really liked it. It's been nice having him here especially as he keeps me company if the he and she boss go out without me and when they go to bed cos he stays downstairs for lots of the night. I've been out as well though with him and the he and she boss. I took him to the park today and he must have liked it cos he took lots of photos.
He took lots another time too when I took him and the she boss to one of my favourite places to see a very nice lady and her pretty birds.
He doesn't half sleep a lot though and drink LOADS of tea and coffee. He plays some good games with me too when I might be getting bored, not that I do that much.
It looks like he's gone back to his own house now. I'm going to miss him. I hope he comes again soon or the she boss takes me to see him at his house.

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