Monday, 23 August 2010

Party food n fun

EVERYONE came to my house yesterday and played on my field. See what I mean? It really was everyone. Although I can think of some people who were missing.

I stayed in the car outside for a lot of it cos I find it a bit much with this amount of people so I didn't really mind. A lot of my friends said hello to me when they were on their way in and out anyway. I could hear them all having lots of fun and I did go on the field with them all later. They left lots of food on the grass for me to find and I've been having some nice leftovers with my dinner. I bet those mice wish they still lived here. After they were all tired from the running around and shouting, they did some painting with the he boss and listened to music. That was a good opportunity for me to help the she boss and a new friend Ryan to clear up round the garden. And the sun shone for a change! A lovely time had by all. Sigh
Ooo I just remembered. I must be careful what I eat off the barbecue this time. I had a real bad tummy after scraping over what was left where the fire had been last time.

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