Wednesday 23 January 2008


I've been led to believe (overheard) that my friend Blobby Bobby sleeps upstairs in the room with her she and he boss!! I'm NEVER allowed upstairs even at night although I do sneek up and sleep at the corner of the stairs where I can keep an eye on the bedrooms and the front door at the same time while they're all asleep. I'm not sure that they know but I have noticed that they make an extra effort with that noisy, sucky thing round that bit of the carpet.
I did try and go in the bedroom at Christmas in the morning when all the bangy things had been happening in the sky but got sent out pretty quick. Having heard about Bobby though, I thought I'd try again the other morning so poked my head round the door. Honestly, you'd have thought I'd brought a dead rat in with me. Even the he boss got out of bed to send me back out and he never gets up until he's ready. Roll on the next B&B holiday when they HAVE to have me in with them
By the way, something's happening again. There's LOADS of bottles in the garage. Something's brewing but I haven't got a clue what. I've never had anything like this before. I hope it involves long walks and food. I'll keep you posted

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