Tuesday 1 January 2008

Walk with friends

Today was nice. It made up for last night. I went for a walk last night with the he and she boss which was spoilt by MORE of the noisy flashy things in the sky. I couldn't wait to get home but when we did, they all went out and left me for hours. I could hear lots of bangs going on but they all came home safely eventually.
Today we went for a walk in the light so that was good. We drove quite a way then walked somewhere I've never been before. We saw loads of things called deer which I've only smelt before but never seen like that, only behind fences. What made it even better was that when we stopped the car to have the walk, there were lots of my friends there. I wonder if they knew we were coming too. Joy was there, and Bobbie's he boss, some people who came to our house a few days ago and others who I know but don't get so excited about. It was lovely.
Ed's been at our house for a few days and I thought he'd come to live but he's disappeared again now. Beth's still here though. Perhaps she's staying forever. It's nice because she stays here in the day when everyone else goes out to work.

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