Sunday 27 January 2008

Visitors - lots of them

That was a fine howdyedo we've had here. I think it was supposed to be fun but there wasn't much in it for me. Yesterday morning all sorts of strange things started happening here and some of them were pretty frightening. The most scary thing to start with was that the she boss was up a ladder on the decking with a great big blue flappy sheet. At first I thought it might be exciting holiday tent things but then it got very noisy and flappy with the wind. I think they wanted to make a big tent on the decking but then the wind really blew and I think the she boss got a bit hurt so that was the end of that. It got better after that. The she boss had lots of those things wrapped in paper like we have at Christmas which was great for me as it gave me lots of bits to eat.
Later on, there was loads of nice smelling food arriving but I wasn't allowed anywhere near it. Just when I thought it was getting good, LOTS of people started arriving. Too many for me as it was likely to get worrying especially as there were little people as well. The she boss was kind and put my bed in the car to have a nice sleep. Trouble was, it went on for hours and every now and then there were those noisy flashy things in the sky that I hate. I really don't understand what was going on but in the end, the she boss fetched me back inside and there weren't too many people there and all the ones who were there were very kind. I knew I'd met some of them before too.
Best of all was all the food left around and bits on the floor but very best of all, my friend Robin had been cooking out in the garden!! Is he too dangerous to be allowed at the cooker inside? It suited me though because today, it was all nice and cold and there was plenty to lick up that had been left behind. Kind Robin
It's all gone quiet now except for those horrible boucy things that float and make strange noises. They keep getting in the way of where I want to go and I never know what they might do. I hope they disappear soon
Look what they did to my garden ......

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