Saturday 5 January 2008

Scary walks

I took Sammy G a walk up a mountain yesterday! Or did he take me? Or was it the she boss who took both of us? Either way, it's the first time it's happened but Sammy wanted to see a mountain. I've a feeling I've been up this one before with some other friends but it was different this time cos we couldn't see anything hardly. The start was great fun - lots of running around and checking new smells but when we were nearer the top, it got foggier, colder, windier, slippier and very scary.
I suppose it might not even have been the top as we couldn't see anyway. It was scary enough that I decided I was going to get back to the car. It's a good job the she boss called me back and put me on the lead as it turns out I was going completely the wrong way. That's what fog does for you. I even had frost all down one side of me where the wind was blowing. Then on the way down, it was on my other side. Me and Sammy slept well on the way home.
Today I've been for a normal walk in Sutton Park with the she and he boss. Much safer and lots of new friends to make.
A new person called Jo came round for a little while last night but I got myself into trouble when I jumped up to say 'Hello'. The she boss wouldn't let me anywhere near her after that but I was only trying to be friendly. I don't think she wanted to. I'd like her to come again so I can say sorry and show her I can be sensible .

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