Saturday 12 January 2008

Little person Sara

We had the little person Sara here AGAIN today. This is getting a habit. Just when I thought I understood our routine. I'm not allowed in when she's here and have to stay in my bed in the sun lounge. It was a bit cold today but I'd rather not be in the house with her. She's very sweet but I find her a bit scary because I'm not used to little people and you never know what they might do next. She was playing with all that plastic stuff in the box too which I don't like because it makes a lot of noise.
I think she likes me and if I understood her a bit more, we could be good friends. Here she is looking at me through the window.
Because I was so good, the she boss took me for a walk later in Sutton Park. Huh. Some reward. It rained loads yesterday - flooded roads, snow, etc, etc so no one could go out. They all went out today instead to Sutton Park. EVERYONE was there - bikes, runners, little people, big people. I tell you what, I think those runners were there as new years' resolutions as most of them looked as though they hadn't run for a long, long time and were really struggling. What I'm saying is, because all those people and bikes were there, the she boss would hardly let me off the lead so it wasn't such a good run for me. Grrrr.
Then, after all that, she left me in the car for ages while she went off. I bet she went and had a nice hot drink and a read of a paper while I was left in the car getting cold and lonely. It was very dark by the time she came back and I was beginning to think she'd walked home and forgotten she'd come in the car, let alone brought me!

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