Wednesday 16 December 2009

House full

EVERYONE'S been living here again. And now they've all cleared off. Talk about confusing. We've had Sammy and that Beth who stayed and kept me company all day. Even thefriendPeter came and ate some of our food here. I haven't seen him in ages. Now they've all gone. Perhaps they've gone back to see Ed and Abimaro cos they weren't around and I haven't seen them in a while either. I hope they're OK. And how about Gary Cat? I still quite miss him. It would be good to go and spend some time chilling with him again too.
Lots of houses around here have got their pretty lights in the window again so that time with all the paper must be coming up. I don't know what's going on here cos there's no sign of anything. I better get on to them.

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