Thursday 10 December 2009


At risk of embarrassing myself, being a dog, I thought it was about time that I wrote about poos as they play quite an important part of my life according to the he boss. The she boss very kindly clears up anything after me when we're out and about and in my garden although not everyday here. She's pretty convinced that while she's clearing up the garden ones, I'm doing another one (or two) (or three) while she's not looking and she could be right :-) I would go and sit in that little room like they do if they would let me up there and if my legs were a bit longer. The she boss dug out a big hole down the garden a long time back and put what is laughingly called a dog loo in the ground which would be OK but she always puts the lid back on so what's a dog supposed to do to be helpful. They can't really blame me when they end up clearing up after me can they?
PS At least there are no pictures with this blog!!

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