Saturday 20 November 2010


The she boss tells me she I was in her dream last night. She often dreams about little furry animals but I'm not often in there. Apparently I was smaller, younger, cuddlier and more playful. That must have been a bit of a nightmare as I'm pretty playful anyway. The said there was another little nondescriptish animal as well who was pretty lively and between the 2 of us, she had her work cut out keeping us out of trouble. It seems like she quite enjoyed the fun though. That's OK then. I'm not in trouble this time. Thing is, what does it all mean? My dreams are just straight forward about walks, cats and squirrels and I know what they're all about.
While I'm here, theFriendPeter is still on about me twittering and thinks I should so he kindly sent me this......

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