Sunday 21 November 2010


That Beth and Ed have been living here again using our beds, eating our food, reading our papers, using our computer, etc, etc, etc. I don't mind really and it's nice to have extra fuss and attention. Ed and the he boss were doing some funny thing on our big table with little roly poly men and a ball. Whatever it was, it involved putting some music on to go with the game.
They dropped a few of the little men but it was ages before I managed to get a look in with them. I took one in the other room to have a good look but me being me managed to break it a bit. I was in a good bit of trouble then. Something to do with Pele someone, star player who's broken his legs now. Oh well, I knew I couldn't stay out of trouble for ever.
They've gone now and it's all gone very quiet. I hope everyone comes back soon.

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