Wednesday 17 November 2010

New toys revisited

That she boss knows what I like. She brought me home another one of these today. I've had one before that the children left me but it gets thrown away when I start pulling it to pieces. I like them cos they're good fun to throw around so I'll have to be careful to look after this one for a bit longer.
We've had a man coming to our house every day this week. I don't know why he comes but he goes all the way through the hole at the top of our stairs in the roof, makes lots of noise and hardly comes down again until he goes out of the door again at tea time. No one seems to mind so I don't but I must say, it's a bit strange. Perhaps it's got something to do with all the bags and boxes that the she and he boss have fetched out of the hole and put in the garage. That was a dirty job. It gave me the sneezes.

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