Saturday 6 November 2010


Things just aren't right. The she boss isn't her normal self and hasn't been since we came back from the seaside. She sits around too much which is nice for cuddles but gets a bit boring compared to usual. She makes barky noises sometimes too a bit like me when I've been out running and it's really cold but I don't do it for long. She's been doing it for days and I hear her doing it in bed too.
She's pushed the noisy sucky thing round the house today like usually happens today but I must say, she didn't do a very good job in my opinion. Too much corner cutting. At least she gave my blankets a good go so they feel a bit fresher. It's a lovely day outside and she should be taking me somewhere nice. I suppose it doesn't help that the he boss went off in her car early today though but we could have got on one of those train or bus things. I wouldn't have minded.

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