Monday 15 November 2010

The good things in life

The he and she boss know lots of nice people and they bring them here to meet me sometimes. The she boss says she sees some really nice people when she goes out in the car every day as well and especially some nice ladies. One really nice lady knows all about me and keeps sending me lots of socks to make my favourite toys for keeping my teeth clean. She only sends the socks though but the she boss has to do all the work and tie them up in the knots for me to throw around and chew. Perhaps she needs to give her some lessons.
I had 2 breakfasts today! It's all down to the poor communication between he and she boss. You'd think they'd know each other after all these years and you'd think the he boss would understand what I'm saying after all the years he's known me. The she boss gave me breakfast then the he boss just didn't notice that I wasn't really asking for food and my empty bowl was there and did it all again. Well I wasn't going to turn a gift cat away was I? So I ate it. When the she boss let me in the house I was very embarrassed and ashamed and she understood me enough to know what had happened.
I'm a bit hungry now as I had all my day's food in one go and have got to wait until tomorrow morning now. I hope it's worth the wait

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